the thing about friends is like you’ll give something a try because they recommended it to you but sometimes it’s just like i’m sorry i really don’t even want to humor you about this right now because i really don’t care about this thing and i have no time to pretend to care.

are you fucking kidding me you ask people to send you all this bullshit you fucking do this every fucking day and when you finally fucking get shit like this youre like nah i dont have anything to say are you fucking kidding me you compliment fishing manipulative narcissistic little bitch

When you whine about how people don’t give you attention and then say you might as well jump off a bridge it’s so manipulative to me and it makes me want to throw up. People don’t always have time for you. What even do you want then to say? Not everyone is up for stroking your flaccid ego.

"I hate self portraits"

"I hate self"

dude please i am literally just saying i hate drawing self portraits because i HAVE to do this for a class and pretty much every fucking thing i tweet you slap something on that’s about you in the most unhealthy way. you are fucking toxic bro. this isn’t making us closer or anything this is just making you more uncomfortable to be around. 

like god i don’t know if you were for real upset about your dumb follower count dropping the other day but really man really “FINE I CAN’T MAKE ANYONE HAPPY I CAN’T MAKE ANY OF YOU HAPPY” fuck dude shut the fuck up. as if your follower account really defines you as a person. and then people replying like don’t worry man it’s ok you don’t have to feel like you have to make anyone happy. yea i agree but god my eyeballs rolled out of my fucking head i cannot believe how many people baby you. 

"i wish liking someone didn’t always make me feel like shit" 

man i get it ok. i’m not saying your feelings are invalid but you need to let this crap go dude. you say this almost every fucking day. and ngl it is so annoying. it is so fucking annoying. like haha wow the amount of people you expect to cater to your needs. do people feel super shitty sometimes? yes. do they expect to be comforted? yes DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN? no. not everyone’s gonna be there for you all the fucking time to baby you and tell you you’re the best most handsome person in the world. 

god fucking SUCK IT UPPP

i don’t know maybe it’s just my personality but if i throw people compliments it’s usually just like nah you’re cute. nah you’re art is awesome. nah don’t worry about it you’re really funny. if you expect me to reply to your “i hate self” thing with like no man don’t do that you shouldn’t hate yourself you’re an awesome human being and you deserve every beautiful girl offering their naked bodies to you. then hahaha wow you came to the wrong place bud. if you hate yourself that’s a hurdle you gotta get over by yourself.